Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes"- Trailer *1

Hello Animans, today I have something which is the basis for "The Animan Kingdom". One of the inspirations that went into the story is the all successful sci-fi film franchise, "The Planet of the Apes". This is the trailer for the newest film for the franchise entitled "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". What this talks about for those who are fans of the franchise is how the apes came to be how they were able to develop human techniques that made them more intelligent and more advanced, including one in particular named Caesar a chimpanzee played by Andy Serkis who you all know as Gollum. How this relates to "The Animan Kingdom" is what of course the humans were trying to do which is give apes human capabilities but in the end what was planned to be a positive thing, turned out to be a nightmare. Although in my story it remains to be a positive thing if you already know the story by now from reading previous posts. What I'm talking about is putting human DNA into the blood and genes of an animal, can that be done? Well it's a possibility if we do it the right way, not like what you're about to see. Anyway this origin story has an amazing cast; James Franco ("The Spider-Man Trilogy" and "127 Hours"), Frieda Pinto ("Slumdog Millionaire"), Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy from the "Harry Potter Saga"), Brian Cox ("X2" and "The Bourne Supremacy") and of course Andy Serkis. This time what's different about this version is that the apes are digital through the art of performance capture was used to bring Gollum to life. The team behind it are Weta Digital, the Academy Award winning team responsible for the amazing visual effects in "Lord of the Rings", "King Kong" and "Avatar". Here' the trailer and see if you can see the similarities both this story and my own. The films hits cinemas on August 5th.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

In Loving Memory of my Grandfather.

Animans, it's been a while since I've been back on my blog but I wanna do one that is a tribute to my fantastic grandfather Frank Boyle who passed away two weeks ago. He was one of my biggest idols and really a guy who fought in the second World War and raised three brilliant kids; my dad Danny and my two wonderful aunts Maria and Bernadette. He whilst growing up was one of my best friends and there were many things he taught me, two of them were to be honest and to be strong, to never give up. I'm sure that's what went through his head as he was fighting in World War II, and from now on whenever I do animation or the "Animan Kingdom" I'll always work hard at it and bring you guys some of the best animation or story you'll ever see and read, because I'm sure that's what he would want. And to make things better all you Animans can learn how great a person my granddad really was through the eyes of a character that I've created in "The Animan Kingdom" named Barrus. So granddad wherever you are, I will have great things to tell you about soon. x

Frank Boyle

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Animan Kingdom: The Books


What I'll explain to you now are the titles of the thirteen book series and brief drafts of the plots. And show you how they make all together one story.

Book I: The Animan Kingdom: The Attack in Anatolis- "The Attack on Anatolis" takes place in the Animan built city of Anatolis where we meet our four heroes Vex, Skizz, Gorg and Leo who witness the invasion of the Shredded ones and watch them destroying their homes and murdering their families. Once they survive, they decide to come together and leave their now ruined home and go off to search for their king, the lion Animan Aronton Pride and beg him to stop this new threat from taking over their world.
Book II: The Animan Kingdom: The Tribes of the Canis Lupus and the Ursus Arctos- The story continues in "The Tribes of the Canis Lupus and the Ursus Arctos" where our young heroes travel through the dangerous northern redwood forests where they come face to face with the aggressive wolf Animan tribe known as the Canis Lupus who kidnap Gorg. The remaining three then seek help from another tribe, the bear Animan tribe known as the Ursus Arctos who immediately take action to rescue Gorg from their long-time enemies. 

Book III: The Animan Kingdom: The Ruins of Vancouver- In "The Ruins of Vancouver" our heroes now reunited with Gorg learn about the origins of the Animans, the legend about a mysterious race known as the winged serpents and that Leo has a great destiny, that he's the long lost offspring of the great Animan lion king, Ziron Pride and that he is in fact a prince, the next heir to the throne after Aronton Pride.

Book IV: The Animan Kingdom: Kaylisha- Before they begin their journey through the Amazon jungle, the band meet a beautiful but cocky female cheetah Animan named Kaylisha, who decides to help them get to the Kingdom of Animancarve, as she used to live there before she ran away for selfish reasons, wanting to be free and live the life of an adventurer. 

Book V: The Animan Kingdom: The Trek through the Jungles of the Amazon- The teenagers now accompanied by Kaylisha begin their "Trek through the Jungles of the Amazon". They face many obstacles and even come face to face with most of the creatures, big and small, some gentle and some not. They also meet Jaosq, a brave Amazonian Animan jaguar who decides to help them survive through the jungles.

Book VI: The Animan Kingdom: The Awakening of Teeth and Claws- On their continuation through the Amazon jungle with Jaosq as their guide, Skizz comes across a dark cave and accidentally awakens a thought to be extinct ancient dragon, which now threatens to destroy anything in it's path, starting with the Amazon.

Book VII: The Animan Kingdom: The Dreams of Destiny- Leo begins to have dreams of what would happen when he becomes king, this gives him a chance to start having faith in himself. Also the band meet an old western lowland silverback gorilla named Barrus who begins teaching them how to fight like a true Animan.

Book VIII: The Animan Kingdom: The Nightmares of Power- "Nightmares of Power" focuses on the antagonist, General Karlrosk, military leader of the Shredded ones. We learn who he once was and why he's leading an army to take over a peaceful realm.

Book IX: The Animan Kingdom: Entering the Kalahari- Our heroes now with Barrus accompanying them enter the African plains of the Kalahari. Suddenly though they come face to face with Karlsrosk and learn what he and the Shredded ones are up to and just how many Shredded ones there might be. However though they are rescued by a group of Animan soldiers and those of the king's army.

Book X: The Animan Kingdom: The Kingdom of Animancarve- After a long journey our heroes finally make it to "The Kingdom of Animancarve" where they meet their idol the king and explain about where they come from, what happened, who the Shredded ones are and what they're planning to do to Aronton's Kingdom. They also ask to become soldiers, immediately the king places them into the royal Animan boarding academy where they can stay now since their are orphans and they can continue their educations and learn to become the warriors they've always dreamt of being, Leo however who reveals to Aronton that he's the next heir and the long lost prince, stays in the king's palace to learn to become a leader from the king himself. 

Book XI: The Animan Kingdom: Training the Sexes- "Training the Sexes" focuses on our heroes facing very difficult obstacles, Leo has to learn to be a great leader which everyone in the Kingdom is expecting him to be and that Vex and Kaylisha have to fight Skizz and Gorg to prove which sex is the strongest fighter. Gorg however falls in love with a sexy and intelligent but beautiful female deer Animan named Lela, also Skizz tries to tell Vex that he's always had feelings for her.

Book XII: The Animan Kingdom: The Battle on the Serengeti- "The Battle on the Serengeti" is the first part of the big climax where the Animans face off against the Shredded ones in an epic and bloody battle for freedom.

Book XIII: The Animan Kingdom: Inner Strength- In the exciting conclusion to the story, Vex, Skizz, Gorg, Leo and Kaylisha take part in the great battle on the Serengeti and show that the key to making you a hero, is the faith you must have in yourself.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Animan Kingdom: The Story


"The Animan Kingdom" is this incredible fantasy visual epic adventure series, very much like "Lord of the Rings" or "Narnia" or "Star Wars" but very much like "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" type of story. What I'm planning to do as I said before is write a series of thirteen books that take place in this grand world where exist all these anthropomorphic creatures called the Animans. 

They're basically animals who long ago were normal animals that through the breakthrough of science, they were given human blood and were changed into anthropomorphic creatures, some however were failed experiments, some were able to grow a man or a woman's body but their original bodies and legs would stay the same. The ones that were a success were made this way because first of all it is set in an alternate future from our's and human kind is dying out. There's a disease that's killing all humans and the only way for life to go on is for science to pass on the blood from non-inffected humans and put into the body of animals who have somehow grown more species as humankind came closer to extinction. When the experiment works and the animals learn how to talk and think like humans, they began to develop more and when the human race died out, the now Animans rule our world even when the climate began to change and become one super continent like from the age of the dinosaurs. 

Also over time dragons began to evolve and now share the world with the Animans and the ones who are partially Animans, those are known as the Anitaurs, were failed experiments who weren't taught to speak or learn the way the Animans were. But as time went by and the Animans began to rule, they helped the Anitaurs to adapt to their new culture. The Kingdom was built up of both modern and wild civilisations but they would both be ruled under the leadership of the Animan lions. The dragons of course would have a king of their own but the lion Animans would rule both their own race and the race of the Anitaurs.

During this time however they were some Animans who saw their new form as a gift and decided that the predators especially should use it to their advantage and feel as if they are the powerful ones and have their prey be their slaves. One lion Animan though objected to this and decided that both prey and predator should live equally and that they would eat off the new animal species that evolved over time, like even the animals who were not given human blood and instead just grew and became bigger and more savage, so yes they would be eating some of their own kind. Many Animans lived by this law but the ones who defied that belief decided to leave their home and go and find a new world where they could live like the natural beasts they were born as. Since then the Animans have grown into peaceful gentle loving beings with their great lion kings and their soldiers protecting them from any sign of evil or rule breakers, and have lived equally for a long time.

The story however is centred around four teenage Animans; Vex a fennec fox Animan, Skizz a chimpanzee Animan, Gorg a brown bear Animan and Leo an adolescent lion Animan. Vex is the story's central protagonist and is the carefree happy young teenager who dreams of adventure and one day joining the Animan army in the wild southern lands where lies the magnificent kingdom of Animancarve where all wild civilised Animans live and breed, it's a little bit like Camelot, and it is ruled by the Animan lion King Aronton Pride who happens to be Vex's idol. One day she hopes to leave the modern Animan populated city of Anatolis where she lives with her parents and little sister and attends high school with her friends, and go fight alongside her king and do some real good. But soon everything changes when the city of Anatolis is attacked by pirates who have sailed from an unknown place and look strangely like Animans except with no fur and instead have violent colours painted on them, they are accompanied also by vicious reptilian like monsters that look a bit like dragons except in human size, some however bigger. These enemies are known as the Shredded ones meaning that they are not only shredded of their fur but of their souls. In the midst of anarchy, Vex escapes with her three best friends Skizz, Gorg and Leo but their families and homes are taken from them. Without any other option they decide to ban together, leave their now ruined home and go search for King Aronton Pride and his army of Animan warriors to warn them about this new threat and see if they can vanquish them.

They then begin this long journey through the Animan Kingdom where they encounter many different lands, meet interesting cultures and characters including a beautiful young cheetah Animan warrior named Kaylisha and an old but powerful western lowland silverback gorilla named Barrus who accompany them on their journey, and they also come face to face with some incredible and terrifying creatures. They also discover the now ruined lab where the Animans were first created and they also learn that Leo is a descendant of the great line of Animan lion kings and is destined to become one as he was the long lost son of the last great Animan lion king, Ziron Pride. They also face many foes including the villainous general of the Shredded ones, Karlsrock who seeks to take over all of the Animan Kingdom and basically wipe out all of it's inhabitants. Vex and her friends realise that their world is in great trouble and if anyones gonna save it, it's King Aronton Pride and the Animan army. Soon too, they discover that they can become heroes themselves if they believe in themselves, that way they can do anything. And in the end that's what this whole story's about.

The whole story is filled with great characters, fantastic settings, awesome heroes, cool looking bad guys and really important messages about inner belief and the struggles you have to go through in life and what to do to overcome them. Also quite erotic but not too erotic romantic moments and epic but bloody battle sequences. And it all happens in this incredible world known as...

              BY GABRIEL BOYLE

Monday, 22 November 2010

The Animan Kingdom: Introduction and Origins


Hey guys this is Gabriel Boyle here to talk to you about a very special project that I've been working on for a pretty long time now, and as you read in my biography, I mentioned at one point that I was planning to write a fantasy book series. I'm very excited now to tell all of you what it finally is, a 13-book adventure series entitled; "The Animan Kingdom". What you'll find in this blog are story notes and character design and concepts to give you all a taste of this new exciting fantasy epic, that takes place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures, dragons and us humans do not exist.

First of all before I explain the story, I'll tell all of you where the idea came from. It originated about four years ago when I was at Hackney Community College doing my studies for animation when I really wanted in my own personal time write a fantasy book trilogy or series. Because when it comes to fantasy I am an absolute hardcore fan, I love Tolkien and love stories like the 'Arthurian' legend, or the 'Narnia' stories, the "Harry Potter" books and movies also "World of Warcraft" but only the comic books not the game and obviously I'm a massive I mean massive "Star Wars" fan even though most people see that as sci-fi, which I'm also a fan of, oh I also forgot to mention "Halo" but not the game just the comics and the artwork for it. So I really wanted to do something like that so I began developing a story which was just a typical fantasy tale with elves, wizards and dragons etc. While I was doing that I was also working on another thing of my own for a college project which had these anthropomorphic characters who were superheroes (again massive fan of, I mean who isn't?), who came from another planet and protected planet earth from monsters and loads of bad guys. Then one day I had the idea of combining the two together and discovering that maybe I could make a story that nobody in my mind had read before, so I was so excited about this idea. I began developing it, making a few stories until I nearly came to the point of just letting it go. It was then though that I saw some artwork on the internet and it was the artwork for the anthropomorphic characters and creatures that you see on my personal blog if you follow it. It was then I was beginning to write a new kind of story that had the characters that I thought of at the very beginning but putting a whole new different look onto it, a more sci-fi look to it and making it a bit more realistic and use both modern and fantasy and make it a bit more sexy as well and that is the final story which you're gonna read a brief draft of in the next report, till then see ya.